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Workplace drug testing is sometimes a controversial issue in the modern day work place. Pre-screening is common when hiring a new employee. Companies check out references, employment history and qualifications so why not screen for substance abuse. The fact is, companies have a right to have a preference for non-drug users.

#1 – Safety

Workplace drug testing is simply about maintaining health and safety standards within the workplace.  Drug use impairs a person’s ability to function in their everyday life.  Even if drug use is restricted to outside working hours the effects are long lasting.  Drug testing programs help to identity safety risks and eliminate them.  This benefits the company as a whole as well as the employees.

#2 – Quality of Work

Employers have a right to decide on the type of people they want to hire.  A workplace-testing program ensures the quality of an employees work is not affected by substance abuse. Drug-testing programs raise the quality of work by eliminating  employees that use drugs and are therefore contributing less to the company.

#3 – Reduced Health Insurance Costs

Substance abusers incur 300% higher medical costs than non-users.  Workplace drug testing programs can greatly reduce health insurance premiums and health costs for the company. By reducing the amount of medical costs related to accidents on the job and drug related illness, companies significantly reduce their overall costs.

#4 – Reduced Turnover

Workplace drug testing helps reduce turnover.  Pre-employment screening can considerably influence the turnover rate within the company. Pre-employment testing is essentially about mitigating the risk of hiring someone you may have to fire down the track.

#5 – Reduced Absenteeism

Workplace drug testing programs are proven to successfully reduce absenteeism within the workplace.  Drug related absenteeism and sick leave is costly to a company.  A substance abuser is 2.5 times more likely to be absent 8 or more days a year.  There is the obvious financial burden, but there is also the loss to employee morale, which can often be more devastating to the work environment.

#6 – Reduced Work Related Accidents

Accidents happen, but accidents are more likely to occur when there are drugs involved.  Workplace testing programs act as a deterrent to drug use.  Often if an accident occurs at work, a drug test is performed immediately.  This ensures that if drug use is a factor, it is known and can be dealt with immediately.  Drug testing may also influence an employee’s decision making regarding future drug use as the possibility of a test is always there.

#7 – Lower Recruitment Costs

Fewer turnovers mean lower recruitment costs.  The cost of hiring, firing and training is expensive – it costs a business on average $7,000 to replace a salaried worker.  By hiring the right workers the first time, costs are contained, and successful happy employees are retained.

#8 – More Productive Workplaces

Substance abusers are 1/3 less productive in the workplace.  Productivity is paramount to success in any workplace.  If you can increase efficiency, then you are more likely to meet company goals and maintain a high level of development.  Drug users slow down productivity, perform their duties with less efficiency and disrupt employee morale.

#9 – Reduced Work Place Conflict

Conflict in the work place can result in diminished productivity and effectiveness.  It is common for drug users to suffer from mood swings and irrational behavior patterns.  This can cause conflict in the workplace and is not conducive to a harmonious environment.  Workplace drug testing programs are adept at recognizing these  situations and implementing appropriate testing standards.

#10 – Fewer Thefts and Claims

There has been a proven reduction in thefts and claims in companies where workplace drug testing is practiced.  These programs significantly contribute to a safer, productive, and conflict-free environment.