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We recently had the opportunity to interview Bill Cleary with Mackay First Aid Supplies and Drug Testing Services. Here’s what he had to say about the ProScreen Cup.

Bill, how long have you been using the ProScreen Cup?

Mackay First Aid Supplies and Drug Testing Services have been using the ProScreen Cup now for almost 5 years. During that time, we’ve found the support and service excellent, the product second to none, and stock always available.

What made you select ProScreen in the first place?

We chose ProScreen because it of its quality and reputation. In the last 5 years, we’ve used thousands and thousands of ProScreen Cups without issue.

Why do you trust ProScreen?

In a word, accuracy. The cup has constantly been in accordance with the laboratory, so we know when we take the cup into the field or sell to our customers, we have the best technology on our side.

What do your customers tell you about the ProScreen Cup?

Our customers regularly tell us how much they appreciate the ProScreen Cup being so simple to use. They like not having to handle urine or dip anything into the urine. They also love how quickly it works, the accuracy and the cost. Lastly, they often comment on the information inside the box of cups saying how handy and useful it is.

Has using the Proscreen Cup had an impact on your business?

Yes, a big one. My drug testing business has grown several times over and I know it’s because we offer such a quality product backed up by our excellent service. When you can go out into the market and actively promote such an excellent product, it just makes doing business that much easier.

To learn more about ProScreen and how it can help your drug testing program, please call 1800 187 238.